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Karen honestly changed my little girl’s life for the better and helped us as a family turn around what seemed to be a very dark and worrying time seeing her so low and down. She helped my 10yr old daughter regulate her sleep patterns, feel less overwhelmed and anxious and overall more grounded and balanced. Previously having tried lots of things prior, I looked for a reflexologist, having had very positive results myself before. Building trust and a friendly but professional relationship with my daughter was essential for her to be able to even undertake any treatment. Karen implemented this immediately with her warm, knowledgeable and unjudging demeanour. Her work space is calm, relaxing and very clean. Karen became not only a therapist but a friend to us both whom my daughter trusted and was genuinely excited to go and visit for treatments, especially as she started to see positive changes quite quickly with regards to sleep. As a parent, I felt secure and safe that Karen was able to understand and empathise with both of us, and able to communicate well how the therapies work, what to expect, and other ways to complement the treatments. I have nothing but praise for Karen and true thanks for having helped my little girl through a very difficult time. She will always be my first point of call should any of my family need reflexology, as I know the level of service will be of the highest and done with genuine care and attention

Frances M

I have been going to Karen for facial reflexology and acupuncture for a couple of years now. The reason for this was crippling migraines, which I had at a rate of about 10-15 migraine days a month when I first went to see her. I was also taking a whole load of preventative migraine medicine which wasn't preventing anything and causing weight gain and hair loss as side effects. Karen revolutionised my life - she put in place a programme of therapeutic healing which has decreased my migraines by 90%. And those I do occasionally get are much less strong. I only see Karen once a month now as I am so much better, but her input has been hugely important to my life and I think she's just wonderful. Thank you Karen!

Yvonne G

I would highly recommend Karen - she is an incredibly caring and accomplished therapist who views things in a lovely, holistic way. I first started treatment with Karen during my 3rd trimester, for general relaxation in the run up to giving birth, and also to help focus on my lymphatic system, as I was experiencing oedema. I was immediately taken in not only by the tranquillity and peace of her treatment room, but also Karen’s warmth. I have since continued to see Karen over the last few years for a number of reasons related to health, mind and body, but again, also for relaxation and the balance she brings. I always look forward to seeing Karen, and always walk away feeling relaxed, yet energised, and with a clearer mind. Karen’s professionalism and knowledge are vast and she brings with this so much kindness, sensitivity and understanding

Sarah M

I found Karen to be very knowledgeable, professional, and so caring. I have had a series of Facial Reflexology treatments with Karen and have recently also had the Harmony treatment, both of which I found fabulous and would thoroughly recommend. The Harmony treatment was a new experience. It is a combination of various kinds of treatments for the Mind, Body, Spirit and Beauty. It was a wonderful journey of energy surges and relaxation. I felt soothed, calm and my face felt like it was glowing, I felt amazing. I always look forward to seeing Karen, I feel wonderfully relaxed and stress free after my treatments. Karen is a lovely person to be around I will certainly be continuing with my treatments.

Claire P

I went to see Karen, originally for some relaxation to help alleviate the effects of my Crohn’s Disease at a time of great illness and uncertainty. I was amazed to discover that Karen's interest was not only in treating me, but also listening to my worries and working with me to see how I might better look after myself. She created a treatment and openly talked me through her process. Initially we began with traditional reflexology of the feet, but she encouraged me to experience 'facial reflexology' - a unique specialism that she practices. This treatment immediately helped me to meditate and create a stronger sense of distance between my body’s health and my mind’s worries. Visiting Karen's treatment space has become a special experience to me. Her treatment room is a real sanctuary away from the noise and frenetic pace and always feels charged with healing energies that instantly calm and reassure me when I arrive.

I had decided to see Karen regularly to bring about some significant change to my health and wellbeing. Within a few months, Karen's approach began to have a real impact, surprising me and my doctor when I had some very positive test results. Karen is everything a great practitioner should be: an open listener, wise, nurturing and kind. I cannot thank her enough for all the help she has given to me.

Amanda W.

“I am 37 years old and have been a smoker for 22 years. I had tried everything to quit. I tried cold turkey, gum, lozenges & hypnotherapy all which ended in failure usually within a week. My biggest issue when I would try to quit was my mood. I would be unbearable to be around; my thinking would become very irrational to the point that my loved ones were not unhappy to see me smoking again. I am embarrassed to say I had a cancer scare and that did not stop me. Last December, I started seeing Karen for reflexology. Over the weeks we first worked together to improve my overall wellbeing and the results were startling. After that, Karen suggested that we try 10 session of ear acupuncture to help me stop smoking and I have honestly not looked back from that point. Not only did I not crave cigarettes as much as I had in previous attempts to stop, this time my personality did not change and did not get crazy. After about a week I really started to feel happier in myself and more in control of my life and wellbeing. I would highly recommend Karen’s therapy”.

Denise F.

Karen is a wonderful practitioner and a beautiful person. She has immense knowledge and a true caring manner. It has been so refreshing going to an appointment where you feel cared for and never, ever rushed. Karen listens to you and advises the treatment she feels suits you best while always taking your opinion into account.

She is very professional and attentive, and the room is a welcoming place where you can chill and enjoy your treatment. I love and really look forward to my sessions and always walk out super relaxed!

She loves what she does and it shows. I can't recommend Karen enough

Esther R.

I have had a series of seven Foot Reflexology sessions with Karen, and, as a result, I am feeling less stressed, more self-confident and happier. My reflux has practically disappeared, the arthritis in my knees has greatly improved and I am sleeping much better. Karen made me feel at ease with her friendly and professional approach.

Richard H.

I experienced Foot Reflexology for the first time in her peaceful treatment room and slept for nearly twelve hours that evening after a week struggling with insomnia. Karen is an expert reflexologist and Reiki Master who offers truly healing and calming treatments. She is kind, friendly and very knowledgeable - highly recommended.

Oliver R.

“I decided to see Karen to try reflexology to give me one hour a week in which I invested in myself in order reduce stress and increase my calmness. Karen's Facial Reflexology is now an important part of my weekly routine. It has helped improve my overall well-being and is a key highlight of my week. I notice the benefits in my general clarity of mind and I enjoy the one hour session with her immensely.”

Daniel J.

I have to say that going to see Karen was possibly the best decision I have made. I initially went because my OAB was so bad that I had no quality of life and did not want to leave the house. Tablets were no longer working and doctors weren’t interested. I was immediately put at ease by her friendly and knowledgeable manner.

I’ve been having acupuncture for a few months now and my OAB is no longer a problem. Karen has also helped with my severe anxiety and I feel like she has given me my life back. The needles are barely felt and I just feel so relaxed.

I honestly cannot recommend this wonderful lady enough. I also had a taster of the facial reflexology which was just amazing and I will be booking more.

Sarah B.

During and after the treatment I definitely have felt a great more energy throughout the day and I am definitely sleeping better. Karen concentrated on seeing if I was able to get relief from the burning pains in the soles of my feet, which I have had for quite a long time.  I have not had a recurrence of the burning for the last 2 weeks.  This has been a great progress for me. She was very caring and professional in her approach, explaining the course of therapy and her method of treatment.  Also asking me at each session how I was feeling and how my symptoms were.

Helen D.

I went to see Karen during my pregnancy with my first son. I decided I wanted some regular on-going support during this time to keep my mind and body in the healthiest position possible. Karen offered me a highly supportive environment where I felt comfortable to let go and relax. The treatments helped me to deeply relax and ease any niggling pains or twinges in my changing body. I always left every session feeling completely rejuvenated and balanced. I cannot thank Karen enough for her skill, her guidance and her sensitivity during this time. I would whole-heartedly recommend working with her at any stage of your pregnancy- pre, during and post-natal. It is not often that you find a practitioner that takes a holistic approach to healing and goes the extra mile to ensure that you are nurtured and cared for. Thank you Karen.

Kate A.

I first met Karen 12 years ago, when she was doing Foot Reflexology, which was amazing, but we lost touch as I had such a busy working schedule. However, in the last year I have had serious bouts of gastritis and have osteoarthritis in my spine, which the NHS admits they cannot cure, but have aimed to ‘manage’. To be honest, the pain management I have been offered by the NHS has been less than successful. Then I saw Karen’s leaflet in a local shop and sought her out again. With a combination of treatments including Facial Reflexology and Qi Rejuvenating Face and Shoulders Massage, I am beginning to learn to manage my pain with much more success. Karen has directed me to diet changes and diet supplements to rebuild my spinal cartilage and manage my gastritis. The treatments that Karen offers cannot be taken as one-off miracle cures, but over a very short period of time her treatments have had a remarkable effect.

I really look forward to my sessions with Karen. I have an extremely stressful job, and when I see Karen at the weekend I can honestly say that I am walking on air after the session. Karen has experience in many alternative healing methods, and is always prepared to explore which are exactly right for the client. My advice to anyone who thinks they do not have time for these treatments is: make time. You may need a few sessions but it is well worth it. I am really glad I found Karen. I have always been sceptical of alternative healing, but I can honestly say that Karen’s treatments are extremely beneficial, and I would recommend her whole-heartedly.

Rosemary S.

“The thing you notice about a treatment with Karen is her focus. She’s a great listener and her concentration throughout a session never falters. It is a reassuring experience. When I first took my issues to Karen she didn’t offer me a miracle. Instead she gave me very practical care and hope when I had almost given up.”

Philip C.

“Karen was very professional and worked with great care and attention. I enjoyed the feel-good factor for days afterwards.”

Steve G.

"I recently had a session with Karen which I found to be an exhilarating experience. Upon entering Karen's office, I felt immediately relaxed from the tranquil ambiance of her work space by its soothing scent. Karen's calm and gentle spirit captured my focus, which was very important to me as I was able to connect and communicate with her immediately. I felt as though we could speak about everything.

My session involved a combination of Foot Reflexology, Crystal Healing and Reiki. I have had previous experiences with reflexology before so I was able to sense and gauge the session. I strongly recommend the reflexology experience with Karen as I found the sensation to be very positive and could feel the balance sensation post the treatment. It felt as if I was lighter and could feel the almost intoxicating flow through my body. As a dancer and choreographer actively working in the dance field, I am often physically tense, muscularly tight and stressed due to the demands of my work. I found my session with Karen gently remedied some of the pressure accumulating within my body.

I have never experienced having Reiki before or Crystal Healing and I must admit I was a bit sceptical. However, as the session progressed, I could actually feel the physical sensation of the treatment on the certain parts of my body that were tense. What a pleasant surprise to have come into contact with this form of treatment which I felt was soothing for my whole self. I greatly enjoyed my very first experience with Reiki and Crystal Healing treatment. The calm healing effect of the treatment was unlike anything I had ever encountered before. What an incredible feeling. I enjoyed the experience greatly and would highly recommend this for anyone who is tense or highly stressed either physically or mentally."

Dam VH.

“I am writing to thank you very much for the 12 facial acupuncture sessions. These came at a time of bereavement and mental / physical exhaustion and have been of great help. I was experiencing a lot of stiffness in my neck and right shoulder and this was greatly relieved and has not returned since the treatments. The stiffness in my right leg has also much improved as has my general state.

The sessions were invaluable in providing me with essential space and time for myself and I greatly appreciate your sensitive work, the atmosphere that you created and your skill. I left each session feeling relaxed, grounded, energised and lifted. My sleep has been great and I have felt much better able to 'keep going'. Despite this being a difficult time for me, people I know have continually commented on how well I look”.

Michelle B.

Karen listened to my concerns and created an acupuncture treatment over a period of 12 sessions. After the initial 3 or 4 sessions, my cravings for smoking had completely gone and, as the detoxification of my body began, I felt more relaxed and calmer. Even though the craving to smoke had gone, but being a smoker for such a long period, as a habit I found myself reaching for a cigarette which I discussed with Karen and she encouraged me to kick the habit. Slowly but surely over the sessions, I now no longer have the cravings and desire to smoke and class myself as a non-smoker. I sincerely and truly thank Karen for helping me to achieve this as I had tried to stop smoking on numerous occasions over the years.

Karen’s treatment has brought about a significant change to my wellbeing. I feel relaxed, able to cope with stress-related matters calmly and have no signs of high blood pressure.  I would highly recommend Karen’s expertise to anyone.

Bharat G.

"I first went to see Karen for Reiki treatment just a week after my husband died from cancer. I knew I needed extra support at that time, especially as I had a history of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and there was a danger of relapse. Often deep feelings of grief would come up during a session, which was a way of processing them safely. Three months after my husband’s death, I feel I sure would not have been able to manage so well without Karen’s support."

Kate Z.

"I have received treatment from Karen to ease my persistent stress-related migraines. Our sessions gave me a desperately needed space for healing, relaxation and self-care. With her holistic and integrated approach Karen designed a treatment for me that combined facial reflexology, Reiki and crystal healing. Since starting the treatment my symptoms have been significantly reduced, I have much more energy and a much more positive outlook.

Karen is a very gifted, highly professional and incredibly caring practitioner. She always went the extra mile to support me in my healing process. She approaches her work with great care, sensitivity and thoughtfulness and combines this with her expertise in a wide range of techniques. I believe this combination makes her a unique practitioner. I highly and whole-heartedly recommend her to anyone who struggles with physical or mental strain, pain or stress and is looking for a treatment that integrates body, mind and soul."

Ellen S.

“Karen was an extremely professional therapist through each session. She explained exactly what each session entailed and together developed a session plan for each treatment. The insertion of needles was quick and virtually painless and completed with an air of confidence. Overall I was delighted with the health and beauty benefits and am still receiving compliments on how much tighter my skin looks.”

Ann G.

"I am almost headache free now. There have been a couple of moments, a few hours, with a heavy head but only one whole day of a migraine episode. And I have been back at work for over a month now. I haven't felt this good for over a year. Another noticeable change is my emotional serenity and stability. I am very calm and am coping very well with challenging work and home moments. Something has shifted considerably for me. Thank you for having been such an invaluable companion and contributor towards this change. I am so very grateful for all the time, care and love you have shared with me on my healing journey!"

Helen G.

“My Qi treatment was the perfect antidote to the stress and anxiety I was feeling, not least because I looked so wonderful. Karen works with skill and sensitivity. She is a very gifted practitioner.”

Nicola C.

“I just wanted to thank you so much for all your help you really had a huge influence on helping me heal and played a big part in my journey. I am still working on my spiritual development and finding my voice.  It's a wonderful journey of discovering. I look forward to seeing you for my next treatments. I would not be in a happy place without your love and treatments.”

Emma L.


“My Qi treatment was the perfect antidote to the stress and anxiety I was feeling, not least because I looked so wonderful. Karen works with skill and sensitivity. She is a very gifted practitioner.”

Nicola C.

Who is Karen Ryx?

Karen is an integrated health practitioner with over 20 years of practical experience. She is trained in foot reflexology, facial reflexology, crystal healing, Qi Face and Shoulders Rejuvenating Massage, micro-system acupuncture, NADA protocol, facial enhancement acupuncture and ear-candling. Karen is a Reiki Master and Teacher in the Reiki Usui Method. She is a full member of the Association of Reflexologists.

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Karen’s work should not be used in place of conventional medical care and you are advised not to discontinue any medical treatment you may be receiving. Her treatments are intended to be in harmony with any other healing work that you undertake, including traditional medicine. Always consult a GP or other health professional for medical attention and advice.